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Let’s face it: being a fan of Warhammer and collecting or participating in the hobby isn’t cheap!

But you love it, right? And if you’re like us, it’s a borderline addiction! So we decided to help.

King Daka is Australia’s first and only Warhammer Membership community. We aim to make the hobby cheaper and provide more access to people. 

We have partnered with local Australian and overseas manufacturers and hobby businesses to get you discounts on all the products you love.

But it doesn’t stop there; we give away thousands of dollars worth of Genuine Warhammer products each month! Become a member today!

Become a member today and get more Dakka for less teef!

Become a member today and start saving. If you participate in our giveaways, you’ll receive a 30-day free trial membership!

We work hard to bring you more for your hobby and add more deals monthly!

10% off Custom Trays

15% off Green Stuff World

10% off Gaming Mats

5% off Custom Painting

We stock a wide range of hobby products. Become a member and save today!

When you become a paid member, you are automatically entered into our 40K & AOS giveaways!!

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